Join us on Monday, December 31st as we continue our tradition of sending out the old year and ringing in the new in Violet Hour style!

We're offering two opportunities to toast the New Year with cocktails, casting aside our usual 'no reservations' policy!

We’re offering two opportunities to save yourself a seat at The Violet Hour!

First Seating (for the early birds) (6-8pm) - $15 inclusive of both tax and gratuity

A $15 ticket to this seating guarantees your spot (no waiting in line!) and comes with a New Year's Eve punch or champagne slushy (yes, we will be serving champagne slushies).

Cocktails from our curated New Year's Eve menu of Violet Hour favorites, both past and present, will be available for purchase a la carte.

Walk-ins are also welcome during our 6pm-8pm seating, subject to our usual first come, first served seating policy.

The second seating, from 9pm-1am, takes the evening to the next level!

The $150 ticket offers guests the opportunity to select their own seats and imbibe unlimited cocktails from our carefully curated menu of Violet Hour hits (including the aforementioned champagne slushy). We're also clearing a little space for dancing while still maintaining The Violet Hour's intimate feel-- here's the chance to show off that fancy footwork!

Whether you’re in early or late, you might want a snack!

In addition to the a la carte food menu that will be available all night, Chef de Cuisine Jeremy Nelson is preparing a small menu of luxe specialty dishes to fit the occasion (Perigord truffles have been rumored), available with either seating, but only by way of Eventbrite pre-order.