Tuesday, 03.12.18, Rhum Agricole $130

That little letter ‘h’ makes a huge world of difference when drinking and discussing sugar cane based spirits. The islands of the French Caribbean produce a bright, grassy, polarizing spirit that’s wildly distinct from the molasses based rum (without the ‘h’) most commonly consumed in the states. Rhum Agricole isn’t for everyone— in fact, it’s with more than a little mortification that Toby has to admit that he didn’t like Rhum Agricole for a very long time.
He’d had a few drinks that sparked appreciation for the complexity of the only cane distillate with an AOC, but nothing that made him swoon and order another. Luckily for us all, after a recent month spent in and around Martinique, he’s ready to proselytize to anyone willing to sit in front of him for a few drinks.

You can purchase tickets here.