Join us on Sunday, September 9th, from 6pm-midnight as we welcome some very special guest bartenders all the way from the 'land of the midnight sun'. The Violet Hour is delighted to present the next entry in our Takeover Series!

This time we're Breaking The Rules with Jørgen Dons of Norway's Raus Bar, recent winner of 'Best Bar Norway' at the Oslo awards show. Jørgen and his crew have come all the way from Trondheim to bring the gospel of Aquavit and Scandinavian spirits to Chicago. Given the deep roots of Scandinavian communities and culture in Chicago, it might not be such a wild leap.

Jørgen and his colleagues will be serving a special menu of aquavit-focused cocktails from our middle salon. Unique and seldom-seen Scandinavian spirits will also be available to sample. 

As per usual with our Takeover events, our usual, seated Violet Hour service carries on in the front salon while rule-breaking Takeover shenanigans happen on the other side of the curtain. 

Join us!

Raus Bar-dark.jpg


Sneak preview of the evening's cocktail menu...more to come

Northside: aquavit, yellow chartreuse, lime, mint

52 Coladas: aquavit, creme de cacao, sea buckthorn, lime, coco lopez, absinthe

Haven Harbor: aquavit, aperol, pisco, peach, lemongrass