Michael Rubel and Estero take over The Violet Hour.

Monday, August 20th, The Violet Hour's front salon will be business as usual - high-backed chairs, candlelight and so on. But through the curtains into the back room, we'll be hosting a very different experience. We're honored and more than a little bit psyched to welcome our opening bar manager, Michael Rubel (now of Estereo) back behind our marble bar for a very special, rule-breaking evening we're calling, 'Back to our Roots'.

Join us as we toss aside The Violet Hour's typical house rules while Michael serves up an array of laid-back cocktails featuring pisco, sotol...and a blender! Michael will also be curating an Estereo-appropriate playlist full of Latin beats to further transform The Violet Hour's usual vibes for one night only.

Join us from 6 pm - close as we celebrate Michael and Estereo.