Batch #1, Old Fashioned Mix



Make room in your home bar for The Violet Hour +, a line of cocktail mixes from the James Beard Award-winning Chicago lounge. Batch #1, the first in our line of retail flavors, features scorched demerara, Tahitian vanilla, wormwood, cassia bark, quinine, gentian and other herbs. The Violet Hour + Batch #1 is the perfect addition to any spirit for a perfect stirred cocktail, or add juice for a shaken drink, the possibilities are endless. 

Although currently available for purchase at Binnys, PQM, The Violet Hour, and Publican Tavern Ohare, we will also ship it to you! 

If interested in ordering for your home, bar or shop, or want to share a recipe of your own creation using TVH+, please contact or submit an inquiry here. 

Once you receive your bottle, check out the label and our page with the secret door, for Violet Hour cocktail recipes, featuring the mix

Drink Well!

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