Make room in your home bar for The Violet Hour +, a line of cocktail mixes from the James Beard Award-winning Chicago lounge

Bring The Violet Hour Home

How many flavors are available, of TVH+

Batch #1 Old Fashioned Mix is the first in our line of retail flavors and features scorched demerara, Tahitian vanilla, wormwood, cassia bark, quinine, gentian and other herbs. It is all natural and takes the place of the sugar and bitters in an old fashioned, so just add any spirit for a stirred cocktail. Or add juice and muddled berries, for a shaken drink! Or mix it with your tea and keep the booze on the side. The possibilities are endless!

Batch #2 features Ginger, Pastoral Honey and Black Tea. Although not currently available, look for it in 2019 with many more flavors to come. Also slated to hit your home bar soon, are bitters kits, punch mixes and other blends!

Where can I buy this delicious product?

If visiting The Violet Hour, 8 ounce bottles can be purchased for $15 and travel sized airplane bottles are available, for $5

Foxtrot, Binnys and Amazon also carry bottles! And if traveling through Ohare airport, stop by Publican Tavern in Terminal 1.

What should I make

An Old Fashioned is a great place to start! Combine a bar spoon to 2 ounces of your favorite base spirit, add ice and stir. Garnish with the peel of an orange or lemon, and enjoy

Will Violet Hour ever showcase my cocktails

Click an image below to be connected to our Instagram, and please tag us with your recipe or send it to us through direct message!

What else is special about TVH+

A portion of proceeds go to clean water efforts, through The Drinking Fountain,

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