As passionate as we are about cocktails, we also realize how crucial it is to be kind to the earth and its people. Read on to learn more about what we're working on at the moment and how you can get involved.


The Drinking Fountain is a not-for-profit organization that grew from a drive to unite the power of culinary, spirits, active volunteerism and direct action with communities in need. Started in 2015 out of The Violet Hour, The Drinking Fountain first looked internally at the products we use in cocktails and behind the bar. Discovering that many of the industry's finest spirits come from communities affected by poverty and limited access to vital resources like clean water, the team behind The Drinking Fountain has chosen to sponsor projects that work toward the betterment of communities worldwide through travel, education and direct action.

To learn more about The Drinking Fountain, visit their website or join their newsletter to stay current with news and opportunities.

The violet hour +

The Violet Hour + is an Old Fashioned mix with all the ingredients necessary to create the perfect cocktail (aside from your favorite spirit). It's the ideal companion for nights spent at home or on the road, when a thoughtfully stirred or shaken drink seems just barely out of reach. 

You can find out more about The Violet Hour + here, and bottles are available for purchase in Chicago at The Violet Hour, select Binny's locations (call to confirm availability), Publican Quality Meats and Publican Tavern at O'Hare International Airport (Terminal 3). A portion of the proceeds from each TVH+ bottle are donated to The Drinking Fountain.